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Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes - Rs. 3250/- (per box)

* 1 box consists of 3.5 kg mangoes

Procedure for sending mangoes to USA :

Sending mangoes to USA is completely an export procedure. We (Familiar Supplier) or Courier companies are not purchasing mangoes from the market during mango season. Courier company have tie-up with Maharashtra Mango Board.

Shortly we will explain you this therapy :
Basically Mangoes are not allowed to send to U.S.A. without export formalities. Maharashtra Mango Board (Maharashtra Agricultural Department) is doing complete radiation therapy from sorting good mangoes with cleaning and making it dry through machines.

Procedure :
Basically Mangoes are chosen by  Maharashtra Agro Department. During these days U.S.A. Agricultural Department team visits to dispatch mangoes from Lasalgaon to Mumbai. U.S.A. Agro customs team do the complete sorting of 4000 mangoes, after that mangoes are send for radiation therapy. After that the box of 1 dozen mangoes is packed with farm registration number on every box. Then these boxes are send to Mumbai sahar cargo from  Lasalgaon. Their own trucker comes with the Mango container which is completely sealed. No one can open that seal without custom officer’s permission. Before this whomever sender(Bombino Courier), the complete export document and pythosaniary certificate draft on their name. Once the cargo reaches Mumbai Sahar Cargo Custom the courier clearance officer verifies all the documents. After checking all the documents, the officer gives green signal to forward the mangoes containers by airlines.

Now what is phythosanitary certificate?
This is requested to prove that all the mangoes shipments are free from all grams and it is safe to export from Mumbai to U.S.A.

Now all these documents are signed by Maharashtra Agricultural Department (Maharashtra Mango Board) and also by U.S.A. Agricultural Team.

We or Bombino Courier have no rights or there is no chance to check mangoes. Each boxes carrying 10-12 mangoes with weight of 3.5 Kg & 4 kg. Depend upon the size of Mangoes. Delivery of Mangoes to U.S.A.(Door to Door) is done within 3-4 working days.

If any Mangoes are rotten completely inside the boxes, for that company is not responsible. All this is provided by Maharashtra Government only.


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